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Monday, 13 November 2017

honda grazia problem or good things milage | reviews | race | photos

honda grazia problem or good things milage | reviews | race | photos

hey guys welcome to my blog and today I review the Honda Grazia now there's no doubt whatsoever that Honda dominates the scooter segment here in India with the active of Fuji which is not only the largest selling scooter but also the largest selling two wheeler

 currently now if only there's one segment that has deprived Honda of all the glory it has to be the 125cc scooter segment we're in the active 125 has failed to work the same magic like the act of a Fuji the Suzuki axis has been ruling the roost here and 
honda grazia problem or good things milage | reviews | race | photos
the new axis is even more impressive thereby making things tougher for the competition at the same time the Aprilia sr 150 has been winning hearts of the performance mongers in the scooter segment so Honda had to come up with something to change it all over they needed a product that could capture people's attention right from the word go they needed a weapon that could take on two rivals with one short and what they have done here is taken the inputs and feedbacks from all their well-wishers and come up with what seems to be a winner right from the word

go the Italian word Grazia means grace and grace is what the scooter definitely exudes the moment you cast your eyes on it the Grazia Dawn's the motor scooter of thought and looks more like the elder sibling of the Honda deal the deal has seen a lot of demand lately with its sculpted bodywork sporty and futuristic looks and a champion engine
honda grazia problem or good things milage | reviews | race | photos

specification of  honda grazia

 the Grazia takes a few design cues from the deal but honda have managed to give it a sharper sleeker sporty-er and a more modern look so before we go ahead with the review let's see how different the Grazia is compared to the active 125 dimensions wise length of the Grazia is down by 2mm compared to the active ax and with this down by 7mm

 the seat height is up by 1 mm for the Grazia and weight is down by 1 kg for the Grazia compared to the active ax well I guess that's about it because barring the design everything else seems to be absolutely identical for both the scooters the wheelbase the ground clearance the under seat storage and tank capacity remain the same for both the scooters the power and torque
figures remain absolutely identical as well both the scooters get a 12 inch wheel up front and a 10 inch wheel at the back the suspension is also the same with both getting telescopic
folks up front and a monoshock at the back 

the one thing that stands out for the Grazia though is the LED headlamp layout along with the LED position lights and the LED turn indicators that definitely lend the scooter a futuristic look also compared to the active are the Grazia gets a fully digital speedo console that perfectly complements its sporty and contemporary styling also the seat is of superior quality on the Grazia which offers more room for the rider and the pillion and even the foam quality is significantly improved
compared to that of the active ax now Honda have left no stone unturned to make this an irresistible proposition because they've equipped the scooter right up to the brim and prized it aggressively as well we also get a front glove box with a mobile charging socket and looks like Honda have specifically designed this such that we can put our phones in there we also get a multi-function key slot now wherein you can open the seat without having to remove the key you just need to turn the key to the seat mode and push the button next to it as you can see here to release the boot the grazia also gets alloy wheels and 190 mm front disc brake the design of the Grazia resembles the do to some extent but there are some subtle yet significant changes that give it a fresh new look the front end is sharper the side panels are more sculpted and the tail is sleeker the tail lamp layout is also new and perfectly blends with the rest of the design of the scooter the front panels are carved out to offer good knee room and legroom practicality wise we get a single luggage hook under the seat I however would have preferred a front hook as well underneath the handlebar the switch gear is of good quality but we don't get a high beam flasher I really hope Honda includes it in the
future upgrades the fully digital instrument console is yet another standout feature of the scooter this is the only scooter in the 125cc segment to offer a full digital display with the
readouts including the speedometer tachometer odometer trip meter fuel gauge and even a clock the seat of super comfy and is made up of premium quality foam there's more room for the wider and pillion now compared to that of the active 125 the seat is nice and flat
which mean the tendency to slide down the seat while hitting the brakes is a lot lesser now the under seat storage is 18 litres which is quite decent and will always come in handy to store stuff on the go now looking at the engine specs the Grazia gets the same 124 point nine C CB s for engine that puts out a max power of eight point five to bhp at 6500 rpm
and a max torque of 10.5 four newton meters at 5000 rpm now taking the scooter out for a spin refinement is the first thing that you would want to sing praises about when it comes to a honda the engine responds the power delivery the throttle action and the right field everything is similar to that of the active 125 the scooter pulls effortlessly even with a pillion onboard the power delivery is smooth and linear the riding ergonomics are perfectly sorted out and further aiding this is the nice and comfortable seat undoubtedly this is the best seat you can find in the 125 CC segment currently one thing that really stands out about the gracia though is the suspension the front telescopic folks iron out all the potholes that the city roads have on offer with consummate ease the rare monoshock is also well sprung such that it doesn't bottom out easily even when riding with the pillion on board a right quality therefore is best-in-class now coming to the brakes we get an optional 190 mm disc up front but I wrote the standard drum brake variant we do get Honda's patented CBS
or combi brake system which pretty much ensures both the brakes are engaged at a time even if we end up using only themrear brake now coming to my trademark braking test segment you can see here that I am doing around 55 km/h and I slam on the brakes really hard you can see that the scooter comes to a standstill in just 2.79 seconds which is
really impressive I am sure that the disc variant would offer a much better timing than this
now seat height is 766 mm which is quite reasonable to appeal to riders of all sizes ground clearance 155 mm good enough to clear the speed breakers we find within the city confines tank capacity is 5.3 liters which results in a decent tank range for City commutes but I really hope they try and offer at least a 7 litre fuel tank for the future models if possible a Rai mileage claim for the Honda Grazia a sixty kmpl but in real world conditions I believe we can expect something close to fifty kmpl if ridden sensibly projection room heather bath for the Grazia starts from rupees fifty nine thousand five hundred and twenty seven and goes up to rupees sixty three thousand eight hundred and ninety nine for the disc and allow variant well that's pretty much it for now.

Honda Grazia Price in Other Cities

New Delhi₹ 61,923Mumbai₹ 65,421
Bangalore₹ 68,914Chennai₹ 66,851
Hyderabad₹ 66,623Kolkata₹ 64,882
Pune₹ 64,659Thane₹ 64,844

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